We are committed to ensure the highest level of reliability in our services

Teklions is a reimagined and reinvented consultancy, a new breed of firm — we are designers, innovators, technologists, strategists, and entrepreneurs. Teklions is a leading digital transformation company and a professional staffing agency. We help high-growth companies, middle-market firms, start-ups, and large enterprises accelerate their growth by building custom software solutions for them.

  • Comprehensive Service
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Exceptional Value
  • Partnership Approach
  • Longterm Focus

With our high-quality services, we have been able to cultivate triumph across multiple industry verticals and technologies. Over the years, we have gained immense experience, which helps us in serving our clients round-the-clock and enables them to reach the pinnacle of success.

Our Team

Our leadership team will be personally dedicated to your success from start to finish.


Praveen Kumar

Board Member


IT Manager


Bench Sales Manager


Board Member

Our Skills

Good consultants demonstrate skills that offer concrete and specific information to help solve a problem or improve a process for a business.

Problem-solving 100%
Creative thinking 90%
Thinking conceptually and practically 100%
Collaboration with all job levels 100%
Communicating clearly and empathetically 100%
Organization and time management 100%
Credibility 90%
Curiosity 90%